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  Now you can receive a 30% tax credit on a tankless water heater. Plus, you’ll enjoy hot water “on demand” and reduced energy costs.  

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Bergeron Plumbing
To Know Us is to Trust Us.

When something goes wrong with your plumbing, it’s not just about getting it fixed.  It’s about having a qualified and licensed technician enter your home or place of business…someone you know…someone you can trust.

If that’s the kind of plumber you want, and don’t already have, then Bergeron Plumbing is the company for you.

That’s because we do more than high quality work:

• We analyze the problem before we attempt to repair it.
• We explain your options.
• We give you a guaranteed upfront quote.
• We guarantee parts and labor for one year.
• We treat your home as our own.
• We thoroughly clean up the work area when we’re done.

It’s for these reasons and others that first-time customers become lifetime customers…of Bergeron Plumbing.

We hope to earn that same opportunity with you…so please, contact us for service today.

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Sometimes, Life Can Be A Real Drip.
But Not for Long When You Call Bergeron.

Plumbing fixtures and systems are mechanical “things.” And like all things mechanical, sooner or later they’re prone to malfunction or completely break down. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that no matter what the issue, Bergeron can fix it right, and usually right away.

We install and repair the following:

• Toilets
• Sinks & faucets
• Showers & tubs
• Garbage disposals
• Water pipes
• Outside faucets and showers
• And more

Of course, those are the problems you can usually see or hear. But what about hidden leaks, like those behind your refrigerator that you might never notice until water has caused damage to your subflooring?

Bergeron Plumbing offers electronic leak detection to help guard against future problems while making current repairs that much more precise.

For repairs or new installations, take the guess work out of plumbing, and contact Bergeron.

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There’s Nothing Like a Nice Cold Shower…
If You Happen to Be a Polar Bear!!

A steady supply of hot water is more than something you depend on. More likely than not, you take it for granted.

So any time a problem arises, it’s a clear case of “I need it taken care of now!”

At Bergeron Plumbing, we pride ourselves on fast and responsive service…whether the job entails a water heater repair or replacement.

First of all, rest assured that we service and repair all makes and models.

When it comes to new, we offer you two great options:

  • Traditional storage tank models that come in multiple tank sizes to provide you and your family with all the hot water you need even in times of maximum use.
  • Tankless water heaters that provide hot water “on demand” and with all the supply you need. Tankless unit consume less energy since there’s no standing supply of water that must constantly be kept heated. They last longer, too. And, between now and December 31, 2010, you can earn a 30% federal tax credit, up to $1,500, with your purchase.

Contact Bergeron Plumbing today for all the details, and for a no-obligation quote on a new or replacement water heater to last you for years and years to come.

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Water Heater Accessories

Ask anybody “in the know,” and they’ll tell you the average effective lifespan of a water heater is 8 – 11 years.

And new water heaters aren’t cheap! So it makes complete sense to prolong the life of your existing unit, and here are a few ways to do just that:

  • Water alarms – go off when your water heater leaks, allowing you to take corrective action before the problem grows worse;
  • Pressure regulators – keep water pressure from exceeding a pre-set limit…that protects the unit and connecting pipes from leaking or bursting;
  • Timers – cause your water heater to draw power only when you need hot water. That saves you money on energy and prolongs the life of your unit.

We can also outfit your current storage tank unit with a hot water recirculation pump. This relatively new device delivers hot water to fixtures quickly and with no waiting for the water to get hot.

In addition to the convenience of hot water on-demand, the pump conserves water and energy….high on everyone’s agenda these days.

Hot water recirculation pumps can be activated by the push of a button, thermostat, timer, or motion sensor. Systems that use a thermostat or timer automatically turn on the pump whenever water temperature drops below a set point, or when the timer reaches a setting. That way, you’ll have the hot water you need without waiting, even at the fixtures furthest away from your system.

Want more from you current water heater? Then you have one more reason to contact Bergeron Plumbing today.

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“Clogs, Clogs Go Away…”
With Bergeron Plumbing on the Job.

A drain line has only one purpose in life. To move water from point A to point B.

But when water starts returning to point A, or bursting through an underground pipe to points C, D, E and beyond…well, the result can be unpleasant, to say the least.

So how can you prevent clogs in the first place?

For starters:

  • Check your sink and tub stoppers at least four times a year for hair and bio-film buildup.
  • Once a week, fill each sink in your home to the brim and then pull up the stopper. The volume and weight of the water will help flush the drain lines.
  • Once a month or so, pour an organic drain cleaner down each of your drains. Products like Bio-Clean (which we carry!) work much better than the chemical drain cleaners and won’t damage your fixtures or pipes.
  • Never pour oil or grease down a drain…instead, use a jar that you can later discard.

But should a clog occur anyway, try using a plunger first.

You can count on us for all facets of drain cleaning, including our video inspection service that allows us to locate the exact source and extent of the problem…fast!

For really stubborn clogs, nothing does the job like our high-speed water jetting service!
It removes the clogging material and cleans out your drain pipes from one end to the other.

Looking for service now? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Bergeron Plumbing.

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Drain Lines & Gas Piping
That Are Built, and Installed, to Last.

For new or existing homes, Bergeron Plumbing provides expert drain line and gas pipe installation.

Today we use PVC piping to prevent corrosion and give you a lifetime of reliable service.

When it comes to gas pipes, here’s what we provide:

• Hooking up a gas grill
• Making sure that there’s an ample supply to all gas-fired fixtures
• Safety first
• Using the proper materials
• Extending service to other areas of your home, such as switching from an electric to gas water heater

No job too small, no job too big. That’s the Bergeron Plumbing way.

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Time for a Kitchen or Bath Makeover?
We Help Make it a Thing of Beauty.

The fun part about tackling a kitchen or bath makeover is imaging how it can look and all the new features – both fun and useful – you’ll enjoy when the job is completed.

The agonizing part is finding high quality people you can trust to help make your dream a reality.

On the plumbing side of the fence, nobody does it better than Bergeron. Here’s why:

  • We take no shortcuts.
  • We present you with options, both in terms of style and budget.
  • We make you aware of new products that can add beauty, functionality, or both to your new kitchen or bathroom. These include single-source water filters, low-flow toilets, cast iron and porcelain fixtures, portable grab bars…and that’s just for starters.
  • We’ll coordinate our efforts with those of your other contractors (such as carpenters and tilers) to make sure everything turns out just as pictured it, and on time.

We’re also big on green plumbing, so if there are one or more alternatives to help you accomplish the same goal while conserving water and saving money on your energy bill, we’ll make sure you at least have the opportunity to consider them.

Contact us today for a no-obligation estimate for your upcoming kitchen or bath remodeling project.

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Plumbing Done Right for Your Commercial Operation.
Check Out our Full Range of Services.

At Bergeron Plumbing, we specialize in the commercial plumbing needs of restaurants and medical facilities, but our clientele runs deep into other commercial circles.

Here’s a brief look at the many services we provide.

Water Heaters & Boilers
We’re experienced in all styles and sizes of commercial water heaters and hot water boilers, including repairs, ongoing maintenance, and expert installation.

Water Tempering
For health and safety reasons, water tempering can be a critical to your hot water system's performance. We’re uniquely qualified to handle all repair, installation, and balancing needs.

Backflow Device Testing & Installation
Water supply protection has become a major concern in our country. For starters, we can set you up with an annual inspection of your cross connection protection devices. We can install the right device to new or existing water systems and provide expert repairs as needed.

Hydro Jetting
Regularly scheduled hydro jetting of your drain lines can help prevent clogged pipes in the first place and keep you up and running with annoying or costly down time.

More Bergeron Plumbing Commercial Services:

  • Gas, drain, sewer, and water pipe repair and replacement
  • Faucet & fixture installation and repairs
  • Drain & sewer cleaning
  • Leak location & testing
  • Grease trap installation & maintenance
  • Pump repair & installation
  • Annual service plans…to keep things running exactly as they should be.

Businesses of all kinds run better with Bergeron Plumbing on the job. Day in, and day out.

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